At Zeneme, we believe in the power of the modern woman.

We are a jewellery brand operating offline since 2011. In September 2015, ZENEME debuted as an online store, with the motto to provide the finest jewellery to women all over India. Our team at ZENEME believes in excellence and choosing quality over quantity. This philosophy has made us one of the five topmost sellers on eCommerce giants like Amazon India and Flipkart.

We not only provide exceptional quality but also make it affordable so that every woman can get access to fine jewellery and feel more beautiful. In these five years, ZENEME has seen unprecedented growth both online and offline. Approximately, we sold around 5,10,419 jewellery pieces last year and the number is increasing at a fast pace. Our USP is the fusion of contemporary fashion with a balanced ethnic charm. We have a team of talented designers that stand at the forefront to meet all the modern jewellery requirements, and we are planning to take our brand to the next level. Furthermore, our aim is to transcend from a traditional jewellery brand to a brand that comes up with the latest designs and trends as well.

We promise 100% dedication from our side and assured product quality that is going to entice our customers.

The modern woman is a symbol of style and elegance, a testament to her sisters in history who have been sporting jewellery like armour and a beacon of hope for the future. At Zeneme, we believe in designing the kind of pieces that go beyond a simple style statement – our pieces complete the wearer, and is as much a part of them as their own self. Zeneme goes beyond jewellery.

It is said that there is no love as deep and true as the love you have for your own self. Zeneme stands a reminder of that love. Love your spirit, and the world will follow.